For clients whom do not wish to spend on new purchases of own equipment, Visual Works offers a large range of equipment required for successful presentations. 


Visual Works offers a hightly qualified service & Repair department that services equipment either on or off site. Lamps Request a quote for lamp replacement 


Visual Works offers an installation team who offers accurate, fast and reliable work when it comes to our installations. Ensuring that the installation is 100% according to customer satisfaction before vacating the site. Visual Works pride ourselves with a competent team and top quality work everytime. 


Visual Works strength lays in the fact that we are a custom design manufacturing company. We do not dictate to clients what they should do, we customise according to customer requirements and specification. With quality being our core focus, Visual Works employees are proud of every product that leaves our production line. As a custom designed manufacturer Visual Works continues to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and retention by supplying our client exactly what they need.