Preventative maintenance on Pressure Safety Valves, and keeping the valves in good working condition is essential to productivity and a legal requirement. Periodic testing is one of the most important elements to prove that the safety valves will provide this very important protection. Records show the most desirable type of test is the test conducted in its full operating conditions. The very conditions Safety Relief Valve is subjected to each and every day.In-Situ (Hot testing) ensures the safety valve stays online. With the bonus factor being the valve delivers accurate testing in its processed state or condition.The advantages of online or hot testing has proven to be a large cost saving. It detects problematic valves, thus optimising on maintenance policies. Enables stock holding of essential spares and replacement valves for problematic valves. Reduces and even eliminates down time due to filtering on safety valves and extends maintenance periods. Hot testing produces better levels of accuracy than any test bench. Calibration is done in REAL working conditions. Downtime for calibration is eliminated. Accuracy of calibration yields a maximum error of 0.5%, producing increased reliability.

In-Situ testing prevents loss of production, resulting in not only peace of mind, but also saving the organisation money by assisting with no loss of productivity and plant profitability.

The advantages attached to the VisualTEST is that it is a fully automated calibration, reduction in human error, test reports that includes Customer profile, Valve Profile information, testing profile and ASME tolerance criteria.



The Visual Works workshop specialises in reconditioning and modification of valves with associated testing. All reconditioned valves are subject to rigorous testing procedures prior to passing inspection. No valve is too big or too small. The valves we service include Ball, Butterfly, Check, Diaphragm, Gate, Float, Globe Needle Plug, Pressure Reducing, Relief and Safety valves.Due to demanding times attached to the Valves sector, Visual Works keeps the downtime to a minimal as we understand non-functioning valves incurs cost to production lines and effects profitability.

Visual Works pride itself in fast, quality and guaranteed service. The workshop is manned by highly skilled technicians that provide emergency and scheduled repairs.

Our workshop hold ISO 9002:1994 certification for quality management system, applicable to the reconditioning and modification of valves with associated testing.

Quality assurance is maintained to the requirements of internationally recognised standards.